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  Seaweed extracts could help improve piglet health and allow producers to rear pigs without the need for antibiotics, Irish scientists have found.


  As Pig Progress’ UK sister title Farmers Weekly reports, researchers at University College Dublin (UCD) discovered that feeding seaweed extract to sows can have lifetime impacts on piglet health and productivity.


  As well as improving the quality of colostrum, which leads to healthier piglets, scientists have found that seaweed extract changes the structure of the gut, cutting the risk of scouring during weaning. The researchers also discovered it reduces the amount of E. coli in the gut, reducing sickness in herds and potentially leading to a drop in the amount of antimicrobials farmers need to use.


  Packed with nutrients

  Speaking at the European Federation of Animal Science conference (EAAP 2016) in Belfast, Northern Ireland, early September 2016, John O’Doherty, professor of monogastric nutrition at UCD, said seaweed contains high levels of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, which are beneficial to animal health.

  The sugars in seaweed however – particularly a type of glucose called laminarin, which is found in brown algae – show particular promise for the swine industry.


  今年9月初,UCD单胃营养学教授John O’Doherty在北爱尔兰贝尔法斯特举行的欧盟动物科学大会(EAAP)上强调:海藻含有丰富的维生素、矿物质和脂肪酸对动物健康非常有益。

  Feeding laminarin to sows

  During studies conducted over the past 10 years, Prof O’Doherty and his team have discovered that feeding seaweed extract containing laminarin to sows improved their gut structure.

  This change in structure is passed on to piglets, resulting in guts that are more able to absorb nutrients and digest food. Supplementing sows’ diets also leads to faster-growing piglets, with piglets’ average daily gain measured at 13% higher than those fed a standard diet, Prof O’Doherty said.He added, “It shows the role that the sow plays in feeding the piglets is vital.”


  在过去10年进行的研究中,John O’Doherty教授和他的团队发现给母猪饲喂海藻提取物昆布多糖可以改善母猪的肠道结构。

  这种结构的变化可遗传给仔猪,可提高仔猪的吸收和消化能力。John O’Doherty教授说母猪日粮添加昆布多糖还能帮助仔猪快速生长,仔猪平均日增重比饲喂标准饮食高出13%。他还补充说道,“这表明,母猪饲养在仔猪的生长过程中发挥着至关重要的作用。”

  Reduction of presence of bacteria

  Another unexpected effect of a seaweed-enriched diet was that it also reduced the presence of bacteria, which causes meat to decompose, meaning the shelf life of pork products could be improved, Prof O’Doherty added.“It has a lot of plus points for sustainable pig production. As well as helping animals to fight off infection, it helps improve meat quality, which will hopefully mean less nitrates being pumped into meat and less spoilage.”“We could see these extracts being available to farmers within the next year,” he added. “It will be one of the alternatives, along with better management, better nutrition, and more carefully monitored diets.”






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